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    Gameloft's Java Collection Brings Soul of Darkness to Android

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    Gameloft has released its second collection of java games for android. The new edition is killer and focused on action games. Are they: Soul of Darkness, Zombie Infection, Hero of Sparta, Gangstar 2 e Motocross Trial Xtreme. There are 5 quality games for only R$ 6,99.

    It's a bath of nostalgia for any fan of mobile games who lived in the age of cell phones. Java. The collection follows the same interface as the previous one, with the possibility of playing with the cell phone either in “standing” (portrait mode) or “lying down” (landscape). The commands are simple and straightforward.

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    Games run much better than emulators, with good frame rate and smooth audio. The coolest thing about this initiative is that the proposal came from Gameloft in Spain.

    This collection of Java games, like the previous one, is only available on the Gameloft website. To download, the user needs to have credits on the cell phone and make all the options (purchase and download) through the 3G/4G data network.

    Gameloft game store link:

    Without a doubt, Gameloft has brought the best of the best of the Java era in this new collection. They are unmissable 2D action games that are still great to play today. What games do you expect for collection 3?

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