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    Gameloft remove Asphalt 7: Heat da Google Play

    Sad news for speed lovers. THE Gameloft removed the game Asphalt 7: Heat da Google Play. It seems that the producer took advantage of the players' distraction with Asphalt xtreme, and withdrew, without warning, the classic game from the Android store. Launched in 2012, Asphalt 7 was quite different from the more recent titles in the series. The game was released for Android, iOS e Windows Phone.

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    Asphalt 7 was also Gameloft's penultimate paid Asphalt. When Asphalt 8 arrived, it was also paid, but Gameloft converted it into a free game. Asphalt 7 was much more classic, with no in-app purchases and only focused on singleplayer. Another difference is that version 7 had much less ramps to jump.

    Now comes the funny part. the game is still available for purchase on Windows Phone e iOS. On Android, only those who bought the game can download and play. But those who haven't bought it yet, won't play.

    This is another low in the world of mobile games, especially when it comes to Gameloft. that you recently removed Batman: The Dark Knigh Rises, from the app stores (except the Windows Phone Store).

    If you're in the mood to play Wild Blood or Modern Combat 3 or 4 on Android and iOS, hurry up. Most likely Gameloft will remove these games in the very near future.

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