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    Gameloft lança Asphalt Street Storm Racing em soft launch

    It's so generic, we even think it's a lie. But it's true! Gameloft released a soft launch, Asphalt Street Storm Racing. A racing game with cracks, clearly inspired by CSR Racing (even the interface and texts in the races are identical).

    For now only available for iOS, the game is in soft launch on the App Store in the Philippines. In Asphalt Street Storm Racing, the player competes in casual races, where it is only necessary to touch the screen to change gears, brake and activate the nitro.

    It's an interesting gameplay, but it's been extensively used by games like CSR Racing, Fast and Furious and many other games. That is, something already so explored that it is not even new.

    Don't get me wrong, the proposal is interesting and will certainly captivate a certain part of the public. The graphics are very beautiful. But for those who have been following the series for a long time, it's sad to see how far Gameloft has come.

    Nothing against the genre, but from what has been shown so far, Asphalt Street Storm Racing is something to be ashamed of. Gameloft was a company that copied some trends on consoles and PC and applied them to cell phones where it was innovative at the time. Now, she's become a producer who copies smaller mobile producers, and who's been more successful in the genres she once dominated.

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    Asphalt Street Storm Racing is an online game with something around 144 MB. For now, it is only available for iOS (iPhone and iPad). The minimum hardware is an iPhone 5S or iPad 2. To play, you must have at least iOS 8.0.

    Game Link on App Store:


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