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    GAMELOFT is looking for a way to bring “Freemium” games to Java phones.

    GAMELOFT has plans to bring "Freemium" mode to Java | Photo montage

    It seems that NOKIA is not the only one that bets on Freemium games and applications for common cell phones, after a lot of discussion around Freemium games, the Gameloft intends to bring this new purchase method to Java as well.

    In an interview with PocketGamer, the Gameloft declared that the year 2012 will be focused especially on more social and simple games, of the Freemium type (Free to download and “play”, but it is possible to invest real money in the game), but this is not the only objective of the company, Gameloft is trying to adapt the Freemium modality to Java games as well.

    Gameloft also made it clear that in 2012, ALL of its games, both for iOS and Android, will have items to buy with real money in-game (in-app purchases), whether the game is Freemium or not. Well, we just know that the Gameloft really want to invest heavily in Freemium, but don't they realize that what should be taken into account is customer satisfaction, and not if they have a deep pocket?

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