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    Game of Thrones Ascent chega ao Android

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    Carlos Laforet Coll
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    The book series that is also a hit on TV, Game of Thrones, you already have a game for Facebook, and that's precisely the one that made it to the Android and this week. The online game, which had an exclusive version for iOS and Facebook, is now also available for fans of the saga who have an Android device. It is worth remembering that the game is not the long-awaited Telltale game that many were waiting for, but a casual RPG.

    By the way, casual RPG is a very “simple” definition for the game. Game of Thrones Ascent is a game that gets to be quite deep, offering many choices, strategies, etc. The curious thing is that the game runs away from several genres.

    It's not a combat-focused game, it's not a “build something” game, you're just talking to characters and a duel occurs every now and then. The game was launched practically to give the player that option of “I would do it differently”. However, one of the negative points of the game is the fact that it is all in English and as the fun lives in the “choices”, it is necessary to have full command of the language.


    Game of Thrones Ascent disappoints in many aspects, both in terms of gameplay and graphics. Anyone who was expecting an amazing, epic game, or maybe something with less text and more action, can take the horsey out of the winter rain. But for those who master English and are addicted enough to appreciate everything that bears the name of Game of Thrones, the game will interest the most fanatical.

    Link to Download on Android (Free)
    Advertising: No | Internet connection required: Yes
    Contains built-in purchases: Yes
    Requires Android 4.0, 4.1 or higher

    Also available on iOS.

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