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    Galaxy S4 Gamepad Controller: Xbox 360 Brother

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    Carlos Laforet Coll
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    During the launch event of Samsung Galaxy S4, behind the scenes, a controller used to demonstrate the device's gamistic functions caught the eye. Not for the functionality, but for the similarity with the control of the Xbox 360.

    The gamepad has colors and buttons very similar to the Xbox 360 controller, communicates via bluetooth and is nothing new. I say this because of the already excellence in Android in supporting connections with any USB or Bluetooth device.

    Another interesting feature, and that delivers the size of the future Galaxy Note 3, is the size of the clip that holds the smartphone, it supports up to 6.3-inch smartphones.

    These joysticks have already spread across Android and practically every company has one. If you're wondering why this type of smartphone controller isn't more successful than it should be, I can give you two good reasons. The first is the low support because of the games and the second is the lack of interest from companies to “sell the idea”.

    The only company that managed to sell the idea of ​​playing with real buttons on current smartphones was Sony with the Sony Xperia Play. Although it didn't sell well in the US, the Xperia Play was a huge success in Latin America and Spain.


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