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    Galaxy S22 Ultra loses up to 51% of gaming performance

    Those who play on Samsung smartphones have already noticed that the devices lose a lot of performance in games after 30 minutes. The problem also affects the latest release of the manufacturer, and this time, in a disastrous way.

    In a benchmark test on 3DMark Wildtest, Samsung's launch smartphone even lost 51% of its performance after the first 10 minutes of the test.

    See the Golden Reviewer channel test.


    The stability of the S22 Ultra dropped from 100% to 48,8% on the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor version, and 59,3% on the 59,3% version

    As we already mentioned in our review of POCO F3 and Lenovo Legion Duel. A 10% drop in stability is something to be expected on “non-gaming” smartphones, but 51% is too much.

    A 51% drop is like the Snapdragon 8 gen 1, turning into a Snapdragon 865+ after 20 minutes of playing. At the end of the test, both versions of the Galaxy S22 had a score of around 1200 points, the same as the Lenovo Legion Duel.

    This reveals a bad battery optimization on behalf of Samsung, which "cuts" the processor power to deliver more battery performance. It can also be an indication of poor management of the internal heat generated by the processors.

    Did GOS cause a problem this time?

    The most curious thing about the test is that it was carried out in a benchmark, where Samsung usually “unlocks” the full potential of the processor to display a result that may not be consistent with the day to day of the user who likes to play games on the cell phone.

    For those unfamiliar with the controversy, Korean users discovered that almost all Samsung smartphones have a system application called Game Optimize Service (GOS).

    The app has a funny name, as it does the exact opposite of what its name implies. Instead of optimizing the device for gaming, he lowered the processor power to save battery. The result is a slower smartphone in games.

    How does GOS work?

    GOS keeps a spreadsheet with more than 10 applications, most of them games.

    Samsung created an app called GOS and used the app to limit game performance, making the gaming experience worse. However, according to what the Korean community found out today, Samsung confirmed that it has put performance limits on more than 10,000 apps…

    — Garyeon Han (@GaryeonHan) March 2, 2022

    When detecting that a game or application with high battery consumption is running in the foreground, that is, on the screen, the GOS goes into action to try to contain the energy consumption.

    It sounds like good practice, but it's a complete disaster in games. The result is games with Stuttering (stuttering), lag and other problems.

    But interestingly, the deactivation of GOS on the Galaxy S22 Ultra did not result in a great impact (literally) on the game Genshin Impact. processing power today.
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