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    Free Paid Games on Sale on Android (5-1-2018)

    See the paid games that are free or on sale this week on Google Play. The highlight of this first list of 2018 promotions is the fun Evoland, a game that, as you advance, will tell the evolution of video games.

    As always, it doesn't hurt to remember that all the games on the list are offline. It is very worth downloading them or keeping them in your library for future play.

    – Paid Games that are Free for a limited time

    • parkour flight
    • LASERBREAK 2 Pro
    • Hammer Bees
    • Zombie Raid: Survival (Full)
    • Devil Twins: VIP
    • Stone Of Souls 2: StoneParts
    • Custodians of Space
    • Space Rush Game: Galaxy Defender HD

    – Games on Promotion (Most in the range of R$ 6)
    • Evoland
    • OK Golf (only BRL 0,99)
    • White Night
    • Premium Drawtopia
    • Out There: Ω Edition (Highly recommended for adventure seekers)
    • Out There Chronicles - Ep. 1
    • Dungeon Rushers
    • Danmaku Unlimited 2
    • Danmaku Unlimited 3

    * Games on sale for a limited time.

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