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    Free Paid Games on Android and iOS This Weekend (27-03-2020)

    Check out the top games that are on sale for free this weekend.

    This week we had few games on sale, but the games that are free are very good. Check out.

    The usual warnings: LIMITED TIME PROMOTION! Download it soon and put this game in your Library.

    • Games are free for a limited time;
    • If you don't have space on your phone, just start the download to put the games in your library;
    • Once in the library, the game will be free for you to download even after the promotion period ends;
    • The vast majority of games on sale are OFFLINE.

    Lara Croft GO

    Lara Croft GO is a turn-based puzzle game. Explore the ruins of an ancient civilization, discover well-kept secrets and face deadly challenges as you uncover the myth of the Poison Queen. An ideal game to play on your smartphone because enemies only move when you perform some action.

    ( Android | iOS)


    It is a sham on sale on iOS only. The game is a simulator in which your smartphone will become a missing person's device. But is she really gone? Then just playing to know.

    ( iOS)


    Another game that is free only on iOS is Xenowerk. But for good reason, only the iOS version is paid. On Android, the game is already free.

    ( iOS )

    Monument Valley 2

    This is for sure one of the most unforgettable games you will play on mobile. Mixture of puzzle and adventure game, in this game you follow the journey of a little girl to find her mother. Mother and daughters will discover the secrets of a magical architecture in a game full of solutions that, at first glance, seem impossible.

    ( Android | iOS)

    Other Free Paid Games on Android

    Devil Twins: Super VIP

    Angel Fish: Super VIP

    Zombie Age 3 Premium: Rules of Survival

    Hero Evolution: SP

    Space Shooter: Attack on Galaxia (Premium)

    League of Stickman 2-Sword Demon

    Endless Quest Roguelike RPG


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