Free game for Android and iOS brings characters from Playstation games

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Look how curious, Sony has released a game for Android e iOS which has characters from exclusive Playstation games.  PlayStation All-Stars Island It has characters from various games. There are four minigames, with characters from Uncharted, LittleBigPlanet, Gravity Rush e inFamous.

The games are inspired by other games for smartphones and tablets like Temple Run and others. The first of these is Uncharted: Drake's Pursuit. The game has beautiful graphics, scenarios and mechanics inspired by other games in the series.


This is a curious release to say the least. After years of trying to get the Playstation Mobile on board, it looks like Sony has thrown in the towel. Bring Playstation exclusive characters in games to Android e iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch e iPad) is something to be surprised about.

It's not silly little games. The first of the minigames, Uncharted: Drake's Pursuit, has excellent graphics and great gameplay. The games came out only in England, but should soon be available on app stores in other countries.


Link to Download on Android (Free)
Advertising: No | Internet connection required: No
Contains built-in purchases: No
Android 2.3 or higher

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