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    Free Fire World Championship will have finals this Saturday (6)

    The Free Fire World Cup will be held on April 6 in Bangkok, Thailand. Spain will have two teams in the final: “Tropa M3C” and “GPS Veterans”.

    The Free Fire Pro League World Cup final, organized by Garena itself, will take place on April 6th and will be in person. The event will bring together top players from Spain, Thailand, Indonesia, Chinese Taipei, Vietnam, North America, South America, Europe and India.

    – Free Fire world championship awards

    The prize pool of the Free Fire World Championship will be US$ 100 thousand dollars (something around R$ 400 thousand reais) to be divided between the 1st and 11th places.

    The first place takes the jackpot of US$ 50 thousand dollars, something around R$ 200 thousand reais.

    – Spanish teams in the final of the Free Fire World Championship

    The Spanish finals have already taken place and the two teams that came in first and second were selected. See the final table of the Spanish qualifiers.

    Final table of qualifiers in Spain

    Pos Time Kill
    1 TROPA M3C 1900 2445 4345
    2 GPS VETERANS 1600 2045 3645
    3 INTZ e-Sports 1120 2235 3355
    4 FantasyDeath 1180 1755 2935
    5 The Brothers 860 1355 2215
    6 Dogs of War 880 1275 2155
    7 STARS 920 1030 1950
    8 THE CLANDESTINES 620 1115 1735
    9 FalleNs 600 830 1430
    10 The Maniacs 420 825 1245
    11 bandits 520 720 1240
    12 Kingzone 660 540 1200

    – Finals in big event

    Garena is promising a great event for the final of the Free Fire World Championship. The matches will be “face-to-face”, that is, the players will travel to Thailand.

    – How many teams will participate?

    There will be 12 teams: 2 teams from Spain, 2 team from China, 2 team from Vietnam, XNUMX teams from Thailand, XNUMX team from North America, XNUMX team from South America, XNUMX teams from Indonesia, XNUMX team from Europe (Russia) , a team from India.

    – Final maps order and score

    The final of the Free Fire world championship will be the same system as the qualifiers in Spain, that is, by running point. The team with the most wins wins, however, kills will also be a decisive factor when calculating points.

    In the final, both maps (Bermuda and Purgatory) will be featured in the tournament. The flow of maps will be:

    1. Bermuda

    2. Bermuda

    3. Purgatory

    4. Purgatory

    5. Bermuda

    6. Purgatory

    7. Bermuda

    – Where to follow the final?

    This is the first Free Fire world championship. Garena has already held other events in 2017 and 2018, but they were isolated events in each country. This time, Garena wants to know the best Free Fire team in the world.

    The Free Fire World Cup will be broadcast live on the game's social channels.

    You can follow the event directly from Official Channel of Free Fire not Youtube. It will feature narration in Spanish.

    If you are in Bangok, you can look for Bangna Exhibition Centre, entry is free.

    With information from sportskeeda.

    Official Championship BR website:

    Official website with videos from the finals:


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