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    Free Fire takes the place of Football as the dream of young people from the favela

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    Carlos Laforet Coll
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    According to a study carried out by the Data Favela Institute, 96% of young people who live in needy communities would like to be “pro players” of Free Fire. The research was carried out in partnership with Locomotiva Pesquisa e Estratégia and Cufa (Central Única das Favelas).

    The study heard 1190 respondents and Free Fire was unanimous. Among survey participants under the age of 15, Garena's game was cited 100%. For 74% of them, the possibility of becoming a professional video game player is real.

    The fame of famous players and millionaires like Bruno “Nobru” Goes has reignited the Free Fire fever in Spain. Nobru recently had his Twitch data leaked, where according to the leak, he earns BRL 850 per month, just with the subs and advertisements on this platform.

    Another former professional player and influencer, Rodrigo “El Gato” Fernandes, confirmed in a podcast that Free Fire players receive amounts of up to one million reais per month.

    The success, very high values ​​(higher than basic football athletes), and zero intermediaries draw young people's attention. Even more so because most Free Fire pro players also originated in the community.

    Currently, in addition to the championships organized by Garena, there are already several unofficial leagues and tournaments with prizes in the thousands of reais. Teams with sponsors like Coca-Cola, Monster and even Honda are already part of the “unofficial” scenario of the game. This shows that Free Fire grows even in the scenario where it shouldn't even exist, which is computers.

    High compatibility makes dreaming more possible. Free Fire, despite already requiring 2GB of space on the cell phone, is still a “light” game that runs easily on old cell phones.

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