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    Free Fire suppressor gives ban? See how to make and “give an easy cover”

    Supressor no Free Fire, see how to make the configuration that allows “wash" with a lot more easily. And the best of all, 100% allowed by the game.

    Players in Spain have discovered that by making a small change to the Android configuration, it is possible to hit the enemies' heads easily, thus performing the famous “climb cape”.

    The great highlight is that it is not necessary to activate “Root”, script and it is not a cheat! o “Suppressor is allowed by Garena.

    All you need to do is change the “Accessibility Settings” which every android phone hasm. See how to make the change here.

    How does the "Free Fire Suppressor" work?

    The suppressor is nothing more than a configuration that limits sudden movements. You know when you try to “cover” and end up aiming too high? The Suppressor fixes this.

    With the Suppressor setting enabled, the sensitivity will only be reduced when sliding sharply. The setup already works just fine to shoot enemies in the head.

    Free Fire suppressor gives ban?

    The good news is that the setting dubbed “Suppressor” is totally legal. You have not used any third-party scripts or modified Free Fire files. Therefore, the configuration is valid even for official championships.

    How to configure the Suppressor

    To configure the suppressor is very easy. Just access the Accessibility menu on your smartphone and look for the following option “Dwell Time” or “Click after pointer moves”.

    The option will vary depending on your smartphone. It's no use looking for "Suppressor" as the term is slang among Free Fire players.

    Below you see a step by step according to the brand of your smartphone:

    1. Free fire suppressor on Samsung mobile:

    2. Free fire suppressor on Xiaomi:


    3. Free Fire Suppressor on other phones (Standard Android):


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