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    Free Fire: New Update is BANNING some Emulators

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    Carlos Laforet Coll
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    Free Fire came back from your updateo with a little surprise for those who use Emulator. The game has a Modification and cheat detection system renewed, as of today, the break for those who use emulators seems to be over.

    Also, the new version of Free Fire is detecting hacks, macros and mods much more efficiently. According to our website, one of the biggest complaints from the Free Fire player community was the exaggerated increase in hackers in the last season.

    But there is still a lot to improve. Also according to our investigation, not all emulators are banned. Bluestacks still works normally.

    There is no way to conclude how Garena will work with the issue of emulators. She never officially commented on it. In other mobile shooter games, there is a separation of who plays on PC vs who plays on mobile. In Free Fire there is still no such separation.

    But the new way of detecting who uses cheats and other aids is already a path.

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