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    Free Fire: New Bugs even give "elite pass" by mistake! Check out!

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    Free Fire is not exactly a “prime” when it comes to development. Garena's game came back from the update correcting many bugs, but allowing others. The funniest of them was a bug that allowed players to earn the “elite pass” by purchasing another item.

    – Elite pass “by accident”

    In the event released today (5), players noticed that there was a bug when trying to buy one of the “combos” options at a discount. When trying to acquire the “on rhythm” emote, the player would receive the “elite pass card” screen. Like I bought the pass.

    Triple Combo event bug. Photo: Reproduction (Free Fire Club).

    Apparently, the bug is not exactly in the game Free Fire, but yes Site developed to work in conjunction with the game. Due to the large amount of hits, the database of this site must have "broken" and changed the purchases of the players.

    The site was temporarily closed in the morning and returning around noon this Friday (5), the bug had already been fixed.

    It's not the first time that Garena gets complicated with mini-events and websites.

    In January 2019, Rodrigo “El Gato”, one of the biggest Free Fire youtubers, was banned for taking advantage of a flaw in the algorithm of the “Desafio Bistro” event.

    – Bugs in Contra Squad mode

    But don't worry, it didn't end there!

    According to reports from some players, the first season of Contra Squad (CS) mode is already bugged. According to them, when winning a match, the winning team is losing all the ranking stars.

    Still in CS mode, there is a bug that players are taking advantage of to make impossible moves. The new bug of this mode allows some players to leave the red zone, at the beginning of the match, when using the Golden Eagle skin. With this, it is possible to bypass part of the scenario and kill enemies with a great advantage.

    Let's hope that Garena fixes all these bugs soon.

    With information from Free Fire Club.

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