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    Free Fire: new ban system generates revolt in the community

    Free Fire will debut one new ban system edenunciate. At least that's what some leaks of the Vietnamese update of the game indicate.

    All it took was the new credits system that could result in the game being banned from being “announced”, or rather, leaked on the internet, that some players are already angry.

    How will this system work:

    According to the leak. The system All players will start with 100 points, and these points will be deducted as the player performs some practices, such as:

    • bad behavior
    • toxic behavior
    • Verbal abuse (swearing, etc.)
    • cheating
    • Take advantage of game bugs
    • AFK (be absent when starting the match)
    • Quit mid-game

    Also according to the leak, the value of the score will fluctuate according to the player's behavior in the match. If all goes well, the score will increase, but if any of the above items are detected, the player will lose points.

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    However, players who are repeat offenders may receive extra penalties and there is no limit to how many points a player can lose in a day.

    Players who have a perfect score during the week, i.e. finish the week with 100 points, will receive a reward.

    Now the controversial part. As the player loses points he may not be able to play some modes.

    • Scores below 90 will be out of Ranked CS mode.
    • Below 80 points, you will no longer have access to Ranked CS and Ranked Battle Royale modes.
    • Below 60 points, the player will no longer have access to team or ranked modes.

    The big “X” in the question is how the points will be deducted. Because according to the leak, players lost points when they were reported. This can generate a huge wave of false reports.

    The next Free Fire update happens on the day March 23th, 2022. For now there is no official confirmation of the credits system that could result in a ban.

    Fonte: Free Fire Mania

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