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    Free Fire: Mira's bug really exists? Is it Hack? Understand!

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    Carlos Laforet Coll
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    There is currently a discussion in the Free Fire game about a very common practice of players, the act of "bugar" the aim. Some players consider this a trick that borders on cheating, but is it illegal? hack? Let's clear all your doubts about this "aim bug".

    But before we start, let's understand how ballistics and aim work in the Free Fire game.

    – Ballistics not Free Fire

    Unlike other shooting games, Free Fire does not have recoil, recoil in Spanish. Recoil for those who don't know, happens when you shoot with a gun, and the inertia of the shot causes a "pull" backwards. With this, the crosshairs usually jump up and to the sides.

    However, in Free Fire this does not happen. The aim in the game is practically static when shooting. But the game's producers invented another way to create a "less realistic recoil".

    When you shoot Free Fire, what the game does is start a “spread of shots” sequence. This sequence is random, but the way the shot spreads is very similar across all weapons.

    In automatic weapons, when the player taps and holds the fire button, bullets begin to fire, but after a few seconds, the scope opens, spreading the fire more and more.

    It is a very simple programming technique. But it would be the equivalent of recoil in Free Fire. and that's where the "sight bug" comes into play.

    – How to make the Mira Bug

    There are several tutorials on how to make the crosshairs bug. But in general, all methods fall under the same technique, which is “restart the sequence of shots”.

    To bug the crosshair, all you need to do is:

    1. Look
    2. take a shot or two
    3. Soltar aiming
    4. aim again
    5. Shoot
    6. Repeat step 1

    That way, whenever you shoot, you're guaranteed to hit enemies and not rely on luck.

    However, it is worth remembering that this trick only works on the “Standard” Precise Aim.

    The Mira Bug in Free Fire is the equivalent of holding recoil in other games. It practically “zeroes” aim, but it is not something that should be used all the time.

    – When to use

    The scope bug is ideal for use on assault rifles and submachine guns at long ranges. How Free Fire is a game that shows you when the enemy is in the crosshairs. The bug is ideal for those times when you only see one pixel of the opponents.

    But trying to do the bug at short distances can go very wrong. At small distances the spread of bullets won't make much difference.

    - Conclusion

    The aim bug is not a real bug, it is more of a game feature, which allows the player to reset the recoil, just like you did in other shooting games by swiping down.




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