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    Free Fire: Latest Bugs and Glitchs List (Updated)

    Why is Free Fire so buggy? Surely you must have already asked this question.

    The more Garena changes the game, adding maps, skins and new characters, new bugs and “unusual features” appear.

    The most recent controversy was the so-called “glider”. Launched on April 30th, and retired today (19th), the glider had a bug that allowed you to spend the entire game flying, when in reality, its function was only to glide for a few seconds.

    Garena's ignorance in the game itself was so great that they announced a bird with the option to increase the glider's time, and the feature was already being "banned" from the game on the same day.

    This confusion of “news” has provoked the ire of some players.

    Below you can see a list of the most famous bugs in the game.

    Note: the famous “cover bug” was not included here, which is practically normal in the face of Free Fire gameplay.

    It is worth remembering that some of these bugs can still be exploiters, and all, absolutely all, can result in a ban. I won't teach you how to do it, just comment the bugs.

    1. Enter the Antennas


    Imagine that you are calmly walking around the Bermuda map, and suddenly, an Antenna / Tower shoots and you die?

    Are you a hacker? No, but the player who killed you probably exploited a Free Fire bug that allows you to enter the Antennas and stay there hidden. The secret is that this bug is relatively easy to exploit and it is present in many game structures.

    2. Bug da Torre Milky Way

    The Bimasakti Tower (Bimasakti Strip) is one of the most buggy places in Free Fire. There are several videos on Youtube and even famous youtubers exploring bugs in this tower.

    The most common Bug is falling into the Tower to stay hidden from gunfire. But the problem arises when players figure out how to walk around the stage invisibly until they reach a launch pad. I will not comment further.

    3. Enter the Water Tank in Factory

    A bug very similar to “entering the Antennas”. The difference is that instead of being in an open place, the player can stay in a busy place with a lot of loot. So it is very easy to catch players by surprise with this bug.

    There are several bugs like this in Free Fire, when I have more time, I'll list them all here with an update to the article.

    4. Bug da Tirolesa

    When it added the Zipline to the game, Garena didn't know it was implementing one of the most hated bugs by players. Reason? Everyone wanted to try the new feature, but some players figured out how to become invisible while using the zipline and surprise whoever was waiting to use it.

    6. Glider bug

    The latest and craziest Free Fire bug that forced Garena to urgently remove the glider. There are actually two bugs. Players exploit a loophole that causes the character to rocket into the air. After that, just open the glider and spend several minutes gliding in the air. It is possible, or rather it was, to spend the entire match flying.

    7. Flying Car Bug

    In some matches, when getting into the sports car, he literally flew. That's right, instead of walking on the ground, the car went flying. But this bug was an unintentional bug, in other words, it was not possible to exploit it. The bug just happened randomly.

    8. Bike bug in the water

    There was a bug in Free Fire that allowed riding a motorcycle on water. For that, it was enough to cross the rivers riding “reverse” on the motorcycle. Very bizarre.

    9. Enter the rocks

    An old bug that came back with the last update. Some players manage to enter the rocks and kill other players without being seen. The challenge of this bug is to “telar”, that is, to keep watching the cheater and report him. It's not difficult to banish cheaters, but it does take a little time to watch the rest of the game.


    Finally, you must have noticed that I removed the screenshots from Youtube. Exactly, I didn't and I don't recommend exploiting any of these bugs, you can be banned from the game forever.

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