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    Free Fire: how to play at 90 FPS on the Emulator (MEMU, LD Player and Bluestacks)

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    Playing above 60 FPS is an amazing experience that greatly improves perception and aim in a shooting game. Free Fire still doesn't have native support for 120 FPS, but it is possible to make a "gambiarra" in the emulators to play at 90 FPS, see how to do it.

    See how to play with maximum frame rate on Free Fire. Up to 90 FPS!

    Why play at 90 FPS on Free Fire?

    First of all, a brief explanation of what Frames Per Second (FPS) is.

    It may not look like it, but all images on any LCD or LED screen you look at are static, including video and game scenes. What happens is that the screen is updated so quickly that it simulates the real movement of an animation.

    This is the most grotesque and quickest way to explain how the “animation phenomenon” happens. I know that in reality, a monitor can turn on and off certain pixels to save on movement, but in short, you understand the principle, and this is the most important thing.

    Generally a cell phone LCD/LED monitor or screen has a refresh rate of up to 60hz (hertz). With this, your smartphone has the ability (if it has a good processor) to make the game run (show images up to 60 times per second, that is, frames per second.

    In 2019 and 2020, we saw the emergence of the first smartphones with screen refresh rate greater than 60hz. Some with 90hz or 120hz.

    Not every game supports these refresh rates per second, but emulators make it possible to apply patches to some games, such as Free Fire, which allows

    So we return to the topic question: Why play at 90 FPS on Free Fire?

    The more frames per second you are able to see, the better your response time to some action and the better your aim. A good example of how this concept works in practice is the video below:

    Those who don't know this principle, usually find it strange when a pro-player does a "quick scope" in which he aims quickly and kills someone in the "blink of an eye". Surely he was playing on a monitor or cell phone with a better video refresh rate than where you were watching his stream.

    How to play Free Fire with 90 FPS on MEMU Player

    To take advantage of extreme frame rates, you obviously need a monitor that supports 90hz or 120hz.

    Step 1: Enable 120 FPS mode in MEmu settings


    Step 2: Customize your device model for Asus, ASUS_Z01QD in MEmu settings

    Pass 3 (optional): Disable vertical sync in your Graphics Control Center

    This option is more in case your PC can't handle rendering the game above 60 FPS.

    deactivate a “Vertical Sync” by selecting “MEmu.exe” in the “Program Settings” tab under “Manage 3D Settings”.


    4. Open AMD Radeon and find the “Wait for vertical refresh” option in the graphics tab and disable it.


    Step 4: Restart MEmu and don't forget to activate HIGH FPS on Free Fire!


    Free Fire a 90 FPS no Bluestacks

    Step 1. In Bluestacks, access the option below:

    Step 2. In the settings menu, click “Advanced".

    Step 4. Choose the advanced option and choose “Asus ROG 2”, and then click Save.

    Finally, choose the “Engine” option and drag the FPS to 240. Leave the “Enable high frame rates” or “Enagle high frame rates”.

    If your PC can't handle running the game at 90 FPS, do the same option to disable V-Sync, explained in the MEMU topic.

    Free Fire a 90 FPS no LDPlayer

    1. Open emulator definition, configure 4 colors and 4096m, then save.



    2. In Model, type “asus”“ASUS_Z01QD”, then save

    3. In the game setting on the emulator, choose 120 FPS, then save


    4.Configure High performance in the game. 


    5. Next, you can play with 90 FPS on Free Fire!


    MEMU Player



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