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    Free Fire: How to Get Free Clothes and Skins (no bugs or codes)

    Full tutorial on how to get free skins and clothes on Free Fire. See all the ways to unlock in-game items without any cheating. All 100% tested.

    You don't need to spend real money to have clothes and unlock many in-game items. Let's learn how to use resources from the game itself to get a lot of things for free. No fuss, no bugs and no lies.

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    How Can I Get Free Clothes and Skins on Free Fire?

    There are 4 ways to earn clothes without spending absolutely anything on Free Fire. They are: complete daily quests, collect gold, try your luck Royale with free tickets and earn free diamonds to trade in the store.

    Beware of lies from Youtubers and other content creators who will say that there are bugs and “codes” to get free clothes. When a bug occurs, you don't get the actual outfit, it just appears to you for awhile. Other players will see your character normally, without a skin.

    – Earn clothes by completing missions

    The simplest way to earn clothes on Free Fire is just… playing! It may seem silly, but it's the purest reality.

    By starting the game every day, you get recommendations and at the end of 7 days, you get a permanent outfit. In addition to clothes, playing every day, you earn Gold and Gold Ticket that can be used in the "Store" and "Luck Royale".

    So it is very important to check all the red symbols in the main menu and be careful not to miss any of them.

    Look at all red notifications to earn rewards. Don't think about spending the items you've earned now, the ideal is to accumulate. You'll see why in the next section.

    – Earn clothes by exchanging for gold

    Another way to earn clothes for free on Free Fire is by exchanging them for gold in the game's Store. To do this, access the main menu, go to “Store” and then “Fashion”.

    Yes, I know you've seen a lot of interesting stuff before, and you want to have it now. But that's the trick that Free Fire does to make people spend money: a bunch of random options. DO NOT QUIT CLICKING ANYWHERE.

    So let's go! To buy an outfit with gold earned in the game itself, go to Store and then Fashion. In fashion, scroll down until you find an outfit that costs gold and not diamonds.

    There are usually only men's shirts that cost gold. But it's a start, but later on, you'll see new ways to earn clothes.

    – Win clothes in Lucky Royale

    We recommend being very careful with loot boxes and “Luck Royale”. This part of the game is where Free Fire players usually spend all their Gold or Diamonds.

    The rule here is: use only golden tickets!

    Golden tickets are tickets you earn to spend on luck royale. With them, it is possible to get a lot of clothes.

    However, most of the clothes won in Lucky Royale are only available for 3 days. As the name implies, you have to be lucky to get permanent clothes.

    – Earn diamonds to exchange for clothes in the Shop

    The last tip is the most incredible and the main one for those who want to have lots of clothes on Free Fire. Earning diamonds is one of the main tricks of the game that you need to master right now.

    And before anyone comes to say that it's impossible, know that this is NOT a BUG. We're going to use the Google Opinion Rewards layer application, and with it, earn credits on Google Play so we can exchange them for diamonds.

    Google Opinion Rewards is a 100% legal app, made by Google itself. It shows a series of polls to the user. By answering them, you earn bonuses that can be exchanged for diamonds.

    All you need to do is download the Google Opinion Rewards app and leave your smartphone location enabled.

    The trick for Google Opinion Rewards to offer more polls and more money is to walk around with your cell phone in places where there are stores like malls. Another fantastic tip is to let other people use your smartphone to search for things. With this, the app will offer many polls and you can earn up to BRL 40 reais per month to use for purchases within Free Fire.

    See how to use Google Opinion Rewars

    Google Play: How to use Opinion Rewards credits for the 1st time

    How to make MORE money from surveys on Google Opinion Rewards

    And here ends our tutorial with tips to win clothes on Free Fire, without spending anything.

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    [originally published December 14, 2018]

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