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    Free Fire: How to Earn Free Diamonds – Full Tutorial

    Full tutorial on how to earn diamonds in Free Fire for free. No lying codes or bugs, just real tips to get diamonds in the game, and of course, without paying anything.

    – Learn the truth about earning free diamonds

    Are you tired of hearing lies about how to get diamonds? Channels and websites with fake tips on how to earn thousands of diamonds? Fanciful codes and requests for likes and to watch lives from other channels?

    Get diamonds through true and tried methods. We won't ask you to like or access strange sites. All tips here are from existing apps on Google Play.

    In this tutorial you will see:

    1. How to earn diamonds in events.
    2. How to use Whatff.
    3. How to use Google Opinion Rewards.

    – Earn diamonds in Free Fire events


    The easiest way to earn diamonds in Free Fire is through the game itself. Yea! That's right! It doesn't always happen, but Free Fire has events that make it possible to earn diamonds.

    At the beginning of December, for example, Google Play was giving away R$8 reais for everyone to spend on PUBG and Free Fire. We pass the tip here first hand.

    – Download apps to earn credits and exchange for diamonds

    The most recommended way to earn diamonds is by downloading apps to earn credits on Google Play. There are two that are the most famous and work effectively: Whaff and Opinion Rewards, the latter is from Google itself.

    – Whaff app

    Whaff is an app that recommends games and other apps for you to download.

    It works like this: you play or use a few of the recommended apps every day, and with that you earn pennies.

    On-site invite code: Enter KK18840 and get $0.30 cents in app credits.

    Link do Whaff na Google Play

    The amount of money won seems small at first, but it is worth remembering that this amount is in dollars. So if you have like 15 Whaff apps or games and you use them every day, you'll start earning up to $4,5 dollars a month just from daily logins.

    It's too little? Yes, but remember when you save US$ 11 dollars, you will be able to withdraw a Google Play Gift Card from Spain worth R$ 30 reais.

    Link do Whaff na Google Play

    – Google Opinion Rewards

    The Opinion Rewards app is from Google itself, and you can use it together with Whaff without any problems. Thus, you maximize the maximum gains from credits on Google Play.

    Link do Opinion Rewards na Google Play

    We've talked about this app before, and we highly recommend it. With Opinion Rewards, you'll receive polls to take on your smartphone. By answering these polls, you earn money straight into your Google Play account.

    The secret behind this application is to leave the location enabled, and to walk through places where there are many stores.

    See how to use Google Opinion Rewards.

    Google Play: How to use Opinion Rewards credits for the 1st time

    How to make MORE money from surveys on Google Opinion Rewards

    – How to exchange credits for Diamonds

    On your first purchase on Google Play, you will need to add some data. If you are a minor, ask an adult to enter: Name, Address, Telephone and CPF. In payment method, just choose “Google Play Balance”.


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