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    Free Fire: How to Collect Peppermint Candy and Win the Snow Elf Skin

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    Carlos Laforet Coll
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    The day is full of news for fans of the Free Fire game. Garena has already released access to an event full of surprises and with the right to win skin for free. See how to collect the new candies and how to earn the Snow Elf outfit.

    First of all! Go to the event website and share!

    – What will you have to do?

    1. Every day, share the event website. To do this, go to the website above, and tap the share button (within the website).
    2. Play in any mode and collect the candies that are in the Airdrop.
    3. You have until December 27th to exchange your candy for the Snow Elf skin. You must have at least 60 candies. If you don't get that amount, you can exchange the candies for character fragments.

    – Event details

    • From 15/12~25/12, Players can earn 2 Peppermint Candies by sharing the event website.
    • From 15/12~24/12, Players can also collect Peppermint Candy within Airdrops, Up to 5 Candy per day!
    • From 15/12~27/12, Players will be able to exchange 60 Mint Candy for a Snow Elf skin, 12 Candy for a selected character, 3 Candy for 100 character shards, and 1 Mint Candy for a Winter Surprise Box !
    • On 25/12, Players will be able to collect 10 Mint Candy inside Airdrops!
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