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    Free Fire going bankrupt? Game registers drop in downloads

    The month of November was marked by some not so positive numbers for the game Free Fire. Despite the huge success of the Pro League and World Series finals, Garena's game lost “most downloaded game” positions on both app stores.

    Does this mean that Free Fire will go bankrupt?

    No no, calm down! nothing comes close to that, but perhaps it may indicate that Garena's game may already show the first signs of fatigue.

    Free Fire has lost several most downloaded game positions “overall” over the last five months. Even with giant events like the game's national and global finals.

    In June, the game was the third most downloaded on both Android and iOS. In November, it dropped to 8th position.. PUBG Mobile rose to fourth position in September and October, and ranked fifth in November.

    Free Fire is not the most downloaded game at the moment.

    In terms of revenue, Garena's game remained in a good position, even with a drop in revenue. The game has already earned more than US$ 30 million dollars a month, only on Android, but in “only” 20 million.

    Free Fire doesn't even appear in the "general" of games with the highest revenue. On Android, it is only in seventh position.

    What is most surprising in the numbers presented so far by the Sensor Tower website is that the drop occurs precisely when the game held its main events: the Pro League and World Series finals. The “normal” is for the opposite to happen, which would be for the game to get more downloads and higher revenue.

    In comparison with the rival PUBG Mobile, it is possible to perceive a greater constancy in the numbers. PUBG Mobile has kept its download and billing numbers mostly intact throughout 2019.

    What's up? Will the Free Fire fever pass in 2020? Leave a comment!

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