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    Free Fire: Garena bans one of the biggest youtubers in the game (updated)

    One of the biggest Free Fire youtubers, Rodrigo “El Gato”, was banned yesterday (21) from the game due to an error by Garena itself. As with the one million diamonds event, the “Bistro Challenge” event is also a disaster.

    A few days ago we warned our readers about how Free Fire has become a very greedy game. And the clearest proof of this was that Garena didn't think twice about banning one of the most famous Spanish youtubers in the game, with a channel with more than 2 million subscribers.

    Clearly focused on “gambling”, the “Bistro Challenge” minigame consists of spending diamonds to try (read carefully, try) to get more expensive items. It turns out that players who know Free Fire well, such as El Gato, already know the price of all the items in the game and can play the minigame in order to win diamonds, instead of losing.

    The problem was in the algorithm of the “Bistro Challenge” minigame. Garena took a long time to discover the error and when she did, she did not hesitate to banish those who took advantage of the “failure”.

    Check out the explanation in El Gato's video. According to him, the bug was in the air for about 8 hours.

    Another event purely focused on “gambling” and this in a game that the company already knows is more played by children. It's disgusting to see this kind of attitude from a company that only seeks profit and not the improvement of its game.


    This morning, Garena has already “unbanned” the accounts of players who took advantage of the “bug” in the “Desafio Bistro” Event, including Rodrigo “El Gato”. But here's a warning for anyone who wants to enter another Free Fire event.

    Be very careful not to have your account banned due to an error by the Free Fire company itself. These events are clearly created to motivate the player to spend diamonds for nothing and in the end have the false feeling of having won something.


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