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    Free Fire gains mode where it is possible to revive! Meet!

    The Battle Royale Free Fire game received the new "Resurgence" mode. In this new option, players will be able to revive their characters after they have been completely eliminated.

    How the mode works:

    • The mode is exclusive to solo matches.
    • Identical to normal mode.
    • After dying, the map screen appears and you can choose where to land.
    • It is possible to get a "treasure", which is a loot that works as a compensation to balance the game.
    • You cannot revive in the last safe area.
    • Whoever is not eliminated will have an increase of 150 health points in the last safe.

    – How to access the new Free Fire mode

    Resurgence Mode will not be a fixed mode in the game. It will be an “events” mode. What does that mean? It means that the mode will only be accessible on dates that Garena chooses.

    At launch, Respawn Mode will only be accessible from June 4th (today) until June 9th.

    Options to respawn in “Respawn” mode.

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