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    Free Fire: Booyah Day 2022 will bring many rewards, learn how the event will be

    Back to the third edition, Booyah Day 2022 arrives at Free Fire on Wednesday, October 12th.

    This year's event celebrates the triumphant journey and encourages everyone to discover their true potential, bringing players an enhanced Booyah Day experience following the major Free Fire branding update.

    New to the event includes Free Fire Trend+, a new gaming system branded exclusively with the game that will launch in conjunction with Booyah Day 2022, giving players access to a virtual treasure trove of fashion and style… more freely through new collections and brands.

    Dia do Boyah

    This year's event encourages players to focus on the journey rather than the destination, so they can learn more about themselves in the process. In conjunction with the Booyah Day event, the first Potential of the brand in the Free Fire game will be launched on the same day.

    As part of Trend+, the new brand will feature four skin packs in its first collection, a style that brings a casual yet sophisticated look inspired by the lively and free-spirited personalities of Free Fire players. Learn more about Potencial branded merchandise on Free Fire.


    Collaboration with creators

    The first series co-created with the community also arrives at Free Fire with Booyah Day! The designs were made in collaboration with players around the world and will be available soon. Parts will be redeemable when players complete event quests and earn special rewards.

    Now available in the game, with the arrival of Hurricane Carreta in Free Fire, players will be infected with the “Trem da Alegria”. A new special emote from the Spanish group “Dançade Estilo” is now available through the Carreta Royale mechanic.

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