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Dragon mania it's one more free game da Gameloft of its series of games with low processing power and small size. With only 19MB, Dragon Mania is a simple little game for you to have fun on the go. Your mission is to raise cute dragons and care for them so that they grow up strong and happy.

With the pets grown, your mission is to face challenges and face other players in Dragon Mania. Each dragon has unique abilities. There are more than 11 attributes and 50 different types of dragons.



Dragon Mania is a game designed for cell phones with low processing power (such as Samsung Galaxy Y, ACE, Motorola D1, LG L3, etc.) and that consumes almost no resources from your device. The game has a 2D look and is very colorful. The look is not as well defined as in other Gameloft games, but as said above the game is made to be light, as this is the proposal of a series that Gameloft is making. If you want a heavier game under the Monter Life which is all in 3D.

Link to Download on Android (Free)
Advertising: No | Internet connection required: Yes
Contains built-in purchases: Yes
Requires Android 2.3, 4.0, 4.1 or higher


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