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    FRAG: $21 million production seeks to beat Fortnite on Mobile

    Although there are still small producers, the mobile market is increasingly similar to that of consoles. French producer Oh BiBi announced yesterday its newest game, FRAG, a shooter for Android and iOS, whose budget is expected to reach the mark of 21 million dollars.

    The game trailer leaves no doubt –  the target is Fortnite Mobile – and according to the video below, the game will “destroy” Epic's success on mobile phones. Really?

    Despite the tease, FRAG is more of a “Hero Shooter” than a “Battle Royale”. So, most likely he won't "destroy" Fortnite, even because it's a very different game.

    The look is ultra colorful and the difference seems to be accessibility. FRAG looks like a game with simple commands (it even has automatic shooting mode), and it will work on literally any smartphone.

    In gameplay, it's more of a mix of Team Fortress + Halo, with places to jump and passages to dodge enemies. The game scenario looks like a football field, with “5v5” matches.

    5v5 is deceiving at first glance. In reality, FRAG is a 1v1 game. The player builds a “deck” with 5 characters and takes control of any one of the characters until he dies, and then you move on to the next character on your team.

    Coming back to the business world, we have some more interesting information. The investment fund for the game is made up of companies such as Supercell, Teatime and Bossa Studios, with participation from Korelya.

    Oh BiBi, whose first arcade racing title SUP (Android e iOS) has attracted more than 30 million downloads so far, it is targeting the billion-dollar branch of mobile shooting games. According to the site MMOCulture, the giants of the market have already made more than 9 billion dollars with mobile shooting games.

    Confident in the investment, Oi BiBi co-founder and COO Martial Valery said they will challenge Fortnite's claim to the best mobile shooter. Interestingly, FRAG has only been in development for 6 months. Oh BiBi has added a social platform within the game that allows you to share, in a simple way, plays on other “real” social networks.

    – FRAG pre-registration is now available

    FRAG pre-registration is now available on official website of the game. The game does not yet have a release date.

    Fonte: MMOCulture

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