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    Forza Street is canceled after nearly two years

    Microsoft has announced that it will shut down the servers and cease Forza Street. The casual game inspired by the legendary racing simulator franchise did not reach the expected success… Why is it?

    Drag games and/or games where you don't fully control the car have been a hit in the recent past on mobile. Several companies decided to bet on this niche too late. One was Microsoft in a not-so-risky bet along with Turn10.

    Received with complete disdain not only by the gaming community, Forza Street was rejected right away by its target audience, the casual gamer. The reason for the rejection is an obvious thing: there are too many games of this genre. Forza Street did not bring anything new.

    In reality, Forza Street was another game. The game was called Miami Street. It was a project outsourced to the Electric Square studio. The game even changed its name in the PC version and became Forza Street.

    In a post on their official blog, Turn10 stated that it was a "difficult decision", and that they will focus on new experiences for the series.

    Forza Street racked up less than 170 installs in December, but the big issue was the payback. According to Sensor Tower, the game earned less than $30. It may seem like a good amount of money, but it's not enough to maintain an average team of development and server rentals around the world.

    According to Turn10 they will close the game soon, but they didn't say a specific date for that. Anyone who made in-game purchases in the last 30 days will be refunded.

    Source: official website

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