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    Forza Street for Android, iOS and Windows 10

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    Microsoft revealed Forza Street quite by accident. The racing game will be a spin-off of the franchise and, according to rumors, will be a game for Windows 10, Android and iOS devices.

    A leaked report from Turn 10 Studios, the official producer of Forza, indicates that there is a mobile version in development, and it will be called Forza Street.

    While details are scarce, Forza Street appears to be an outsourced project to the Electric Square studio. Previously, the studio partnered with Microsoft Studios in 2018, delivering a casual “Miami Street” on Windows 10.

    This is already a worrying fact for lovers of good gameplay. If the partnership with Electric Square is confirmed, the probability of having a game in the same style as Miami Street is very high. For those who don't know, Miami Street is a racing game with Quick Time Events (QTE), that is, it's not exactly a racing game.

    Given his previous portfolio at Microsoft, this could do for a mobile title in the Forza franchise. As noted by GTPlanet, Forza franchise director Dan Greenawalt is set to make his “Forza Monthly” debut in March, potentially tied to this title.

    Microsoft has expanded its investments in mobile devices to Xbox in recent years, before releasing a title titled Gears of War around the Funko POP figure line. With an Xbox Game Pass hub now on mobile and Project xCloud game streaming venturing beyond the living room, Forza is an ideal franchise for transitioning to the next mobile space.

    Fonte:  WindowsCentral

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