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    Forza Street couldn't look more disappointing

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    Forza Street has officially been revealed, despite Microsoft kind of leaking the game last year. And the game continues to be exactly what we saw in 2019, a game with absurd graphics, but still a generic drag racer.

    In this style of game, we don't actually control the car, we just touch the screen to accelerate, brake and make turns at the moments indicated by the game.

    During Samsung's Unpacked event, held yesterday (11), it was revealed that Forza Street will be a "super release" and will be exclusive to the Galaxy S20 for a few months.

    However, you can easily download the APK from the internet and test the game.

    Full of in-app purchases, online and focused on getting money out of the player, Forza Street is nothing like the philosophy of the original game, created by Turn 10 Studios and Playground Games.

    I understand that there is an audience for this type of game, but anyone who wants games of this subgenre can already find much better games like CSR Racing 2, Nitro Nation Drag and many others.

    Well, there are even great “failed” titles in this subgenre like Asphalt Street Storm Racing. Gameloft's game has practically turned into a zombie on the app store.

    Will Forza Street become a hit to the point of threatening CSR Racing 2? I doubt it very much.

    Forza Street na App Store (iOS).

    Pre-register Forza Street on Google Play.


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