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    Fortnite will be ported to Unreal Engine 5

    A Epic announced the launch of U. O new graphics engine arrives in 2021 and will affect not only console and PC games, it will also affect games mobile. This also includes games already released!

    During the Summer Game Fest event, Tim Sweeney, one of the founders and director of Epic confirmed that Fortnite will be re-released on the new engine in 2021.

    Also according to Tim, Unreal Engine 5 will have a technology similar to Ray Tracing, nicknamed Lune. Like Ray Tracing, Lune allows for a more realistic way to treat light in a game, without resorting to tricks such as using multiple light points to simulate light-in-shadow effects.

    During the event it was also confirmed by Vice President and Software Engineer Nicholas Penwarden, that Unreal Engine 5 will have a version for all new generation consoles, PC and mobile devices. That's right, we'll see the Unreal Engine 5 on mobiles coming soon.

    Fortnite is currently one of the heaviest games on mobile today. It will be interesting to see how it transforms into the “next generation” and what it will look like on mobile using the Unreal Engine 5.

    Fonte: Summer Game Fest

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