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    Fortnite added bots and there are even those who like them

    The new update of Fortnite called “Chapter 2” divided opinion. But it has nothing to do with the quality of the new content. The reason for the “bullshit” is the addition of bots.

    That's right! Epic Games added “non-human players”, the infamous bots in matches.

    In addition to a new map and new mechanics, Epic Games strives to improve its matchmaking system.

    There are hundreds of millions of players, including children. With that, the idea was to leave the game with a better difficulty curve for the most beginners. After all, it can be frustrating to start playing and fall into a match with a pro player, for example.

    Bots very easy to identify

    The first time, Fortnite bots may look like real players, but they have a very erratic movement.

    They usually walk in the open, shooting at random, revealing their position in a crude way. In addition, they usually make a simple wall to defend themselves.

    Anyway, it's easy to identify the behavior of a bot in Fortnite. Some of them even stop shooting when they encounter a player and just stand there, waiting to be hit.

    following the wave

    Fortnite follows the wave of several other Battle Royale Mobile games. PUBG, Free Fire, Call of Duty Mobile and NetEase's BR all have bots in the lower "leagues".

    Few companies admit to using bots. In the case of Cyber ​​Hunter (from NetEase) there is even a way to train, playing only against them.

    The downside of bots

    However, bots end up giving a feeling of “lack of evolution”. The player is left with the impression that he is “doing it well”, but in reality, he is only killing bots.

    Another problem with the use of bots is that they end up getting in the way of your confrontation against another “real” player. For example: you can be cool, looting, and out of nowhere a bot appears. Then another player can find your location based on your shots.

    To make matters worse, the pairing system + bots still doesn't fulfill its main function, which is to balance the level of players in matches.

    Some people like bots

    But who are loving the bots are the more experienced players and streamers. There is no shortage of funny situations resulting from the bad AI implemented for the game.

    Fortnite bots are very nice and literally expect you to kill them. Otherwise, funny scenes like the one captured by a Reddit user happen.


    Source: Forbes

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