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    FortCraft becomes Buildtopia: NetEase relaunches its “Fortnite”

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    With the new name of Buildtopia, FortCraft was re-released on Android and iOS only in China. The game is playable from Spain. For that, Android users just need to download the APK from the official website. iOS users need to download the game directly from the China App Store.

    FortCraft retains much of the original design, namely a very Fortnite-like clone. The game has the same engine as Creative Destruction (also from NetEase).

    – Similar but with different modes

    BuildTopia is here, but it's not quite the same FortCraft or a clone of Fortnite. The main mode of the game is something very similar to the "War" mode of PUBG Mobile.

    Players fall normally like in a Battle Royale, but they can revive and try your luck again. The circle closes until there is only one left.

    The big highlight is the sledgehammer. Reason for complaint by most users. The game has different vehicles and skins.

    Map is literally the same as Creative Destruction and FortCraft.

    FortCraft is still exclusive to China, but if NetEase notices a large number of western users on their servers, we may get a Spanish version soon.

    – Understanding the FortCraft case

    FortCraft was a hugely sought after game before the release of Fortnite on Android. The game has reached open beta testing in Spain. But after some investigations, it seems NetEase ended the game to avoid plagiarism lawsuits.

    But the game reappeared in China, with a new name and different modes.

    – How to download BuildTopia

    To download the game name, just access the official website (link below) and tap the central button that will appear. With this, your internet browser will download a 1.8 GB APK.

    On iOS, you will need to have a China App Store account. See how here.

    Link to Download on Android and iOS

    Developer: NetEase
    Advertising: No | Online game
    Contains built-in purchases: Yes
    Requires Android 4.4 / iOS 9.0
    Language: Chinese | Size: 1.8GB

    [originally published March 29, 2019]

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