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    Flash Party: new mobile game similar to “Super Smash Bros”

    Flash Party is a fighting game of the genre "plataform fighting game” or, to make it easier, similar to “Super Smash Bros”. The Uncle W title is in non android beta test, but you can download the APK to play.

    In the game, two players face each other in matches (1v1). Each one can choose one or more characters that face each other in a battle system that is very reminiscent of "Super Smash Bros".

    How does this system work?

    Your character must hit the opponent's or take him out of the ring to increase the percentage. When that percentage reaches 100% or more, before time runs out, or he falls out of the ring, you win.

    From the position of the screen, the percentages, simple commands, movement of the characters, everything reminds us of Super Smash Bros. But fortunately, the studio that produces the game was very careful not to copy the look of Nintendo's scenarios and characters.

    Flash Party has easy commands and makes it easy as it also has a translation into Spanish. It looks like it was designed for online multiplayer battles, just like Brawhalla and Smash Bros. itself, but for now, it only has one-on-one battles.

    There are 8 fighters in all, each with specific skills. According to the game's producer, new fighters will be included in the future.

    Watch a gameplay from the Joaozin Mobile channel (our narrator).

    A funny comment by João is that the game has a character that is very reminiscent of the “baianinho”, the mascot of Casas Bahia.

    Minimum requirements to play

    The game's producer did not make it clear what the minimum requirements are to play Flash Party. However, doing a little research on the game's discord, we realized that you need at least an intermediate smartphone to run the game satisfactorily.

    Images of the game in production:

    How to play the Flash Party beta test

    To participate in the beta test on Android is simple, all you need to do is download the APK from the website or app of tap-tap. There is no need to register or use VPN.

    On the game's page, they also made the Discord channel available, to clear doubts from players and find out how to improve the game.

    iPhone users will also be able to participate in the beta test, but for that, they will have to create an account in the App Store in Thailand.



    Developer: Uncle W
    Advertising: Yes | Online game
    Contains built-in purchases: Yes
    Requires Android 5.0 or higher
    Language: Spanish | Size: 1 GB

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