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    First images of Star Wars Hunters, new game in the franchise for mobile phones

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    Star Wars: Hunters was first introduced in February. At the time, the producer Zynga had only released a Tease Trailer. Now, a new trailer has emerged showing the characters and new images from the game have also appeared. Check out what this new multiplayer battle game with Star Wars characters will look like.

    Star Wars: Hunters will be a 4×4 battle game with characters from the famous movie franchise.

    New Trailer:

    Description of the game's producer.

    Players compete in 4v4 team battles in a variety of arenas inspired by familiar Star Wars locations. Mix and match teams and use skills and tactics to dominate in fast-paced, dynamic battles. Find a winning strategy, challenge friends and reap the spoils of victory!

    The images show a game with detailed visuals and characters with varying abilities. It will be possible to use characters with laser pistols, lightsabers and even use the "Force".

    Looks like "Hero Shooter"

    Star Wars: Hunters looks a lot like a “Hero Shooter” style game, a subgenre that, as we've talked about in other articles and how risky it is to launch games like this on mobile.

    So far, there is not much information about the game. But from the images, a game with a third-person view and beautiful graphics is expected.

    The big question is: does the game have a future?


    Star Wars: Hunters is set to release on Android and iOS, free of charge, in 2022 only.

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