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    FINALLY! GAMELOFT Podcast Nº 11 is out!

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    After so many new features, but without an easy way to show them, The 11th Edition of the Gameloft Podcast has finally arrived where the company brings us the news about its games that will be coming soon or is already available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

    All this presented in video by Josh e Naomi (Spoiler about Naomi: beautiful 😀)

    Leave the Podcast pranks aside, soon the subtitled version! For now, first click the UP ARROW button in the YouTube Player, then select SUBTITLES, then click TRANSCRIBE AUDIO and then TRANSLATE SUBTITLES, if it asks for the language, switch from ENGLISH to SPANISH, so far, it's the only way watch subtitled!
    by [ andre.ntx ]
    A Gameloft created a YouTube channel dedicated to their Podcasts, to check it out just click here!

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