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    Final Fantasy XIII is available for Android and iOS (technically)

    It looks like April 1st news, but it's not! Final Fantasy XIII (13), the one with Lightning, which was released for Xbox 360, PC e Playstation 3, is available for Japanese smartphones (Android e iOS). However, it's not the game running natively on a mobile device, but a game streaming service, made available by Square-Enix itself.

    The game is available for free (for testing, you need to buy the full game) only in Japan. To enjoy the game, you must obviously be under a Wi-Fi network and have at least a 3MB connection. The trial version only lasts half an hour. The full game costs just 2000 Yen (about 16 dollars).

    Below, you can see the editor of the Appspy website testing the game. The game is crashing because of latency in testing a game streaming service so far geographically from the servers.

    No word was mentioned about the western version of Final Fantasy XIII for smartphones. And you, what you think? In RPG games with turn-based battles, is it a good idea to use game streaming? Leave your comment.

    Link to Android | iOS

    Fonte: Pocketgamer

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