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    Final Fantasy Tactics comes to Android (Paid Game and very good!)

    Another excellent classic RPG option opens up for Android users. Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions just arrived on Google Play for an even modest price BRL 35 reais.

    Before you throw the stone “it's expensive”, I must say that this is the typical conversion made for the fan of the genre. That is, for those who have never played, I do not recommend it, unless you master English and have already taken risks in other RPGs. If any of these are your case, jump into this adventure without fear.

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    In Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions we follow the story of Ramza Beoulve and Delita Heiral, two childhood friends who will find themselves in the midst of a conflict that involves religion, wars and zodiac constellations. Ramza Beoulve, cadet from the kingdom of Ivalice, discovers a sinister conspiracy behind the actions of a “former friend” and finds himself embroiled in a conflict known as 'The Lion War'.

    The game takes a different line on classic Final Fantasy elements. Its theme was so interesting and innovative for the time, that Square-Enix, the game's producer, took advantage of this "plot" for new games like FF XII. Originally released in 1997, this is a different RPG as it borrows elements from games like “Tactics Ogre”.

    But the game is not the same game released in 1997 for Playstation One. The version that comes to Android is the remaster released for PSP and iOS (iPhone and iPad) than improved graphics and non-interactive animated scenes. As with other recent Square-Enix conversions, Final Fantasy Tactics has cloud saves tied to your Google Play Games account.

    Link to Download on ANDROID (BRL 35,65)

    Advertising: No | Offline Game
    Contains built-in purchases: No
    Requires 4.0 or higher
    Language: English | Size: 644MB


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