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    Final Fantasy First Soldier will end in early 2023

    Final Fantasy First Soldier is the new little disaster in the mobile world. The game for Android and iOS is a Battle Royale with characters from the FF franchise and which will end on January 11, 2023.

    That's right, First Soldier's servers will be closed just over a year after its global launch, which took place on November 15, 2021.

    With problematic servers and little “ongoing” content, the game was an attempt by Square to enter the lucrative battle royale genre.

    The idea looked good on paper, but Square Enix's execution was pretty crap.

    The game servers were very problematic. When it was released in November 2021, First Soldier went months without most players in Latin America being able to play. In the United States and Europe there were also reports of server problems.

    First Soldier's situation got even worse as it is a game that demands a lot of smartphone resources. Many players complained about the lack of compatibility and slowness of the game.


    Final Fantasy First Soldier fell into limbo too fast

    Last month, First Soldier only got around 20 monthly downloads. It may seem like a lot, but others Battle Royales “falídos”  and Cyber ​​Hunter it has nearly 100 monthly downloads, according to the Sensor Tower website.

    Also according to the values ​​presented by Sensor Tower, the revenue, that is, the revenue obtained in the game, is not even close to the cost of maintaining the servers. It doesn't even ask if money can afford new content. In other words, Square Enix lost a lot of money on First Soldier. 

    Anyway, Battle Royale seems to be no longer synonymous with success. While Apex Legends Mobile struggles to stay relevant, First Soldier sinks and puts in check the possible mega success Warzone Mobile.


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