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    Final Fantasy 6 for Android and iOS gains Spanish support

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    F, considered by many as one of the best in the series, has just received an update with support for Spanish in Android e iOS. Final Fantasy VI, like other Square-Enix RPGs, has a high price (US$ 15.99), but it is totally recommended for fans of this genre.

    The game joins several other games in the series that can be found entirely in Spanish, in addition to Final Fantasy VI, other Final Fantasy that are in Spanish are: IV, IV After Years and V.

    In Final Fantasy VI, the player is presented with a game so unique that it surprises, even for those who know video games. The game features a huge cast, which goes beyond the classic “trio that will save the world”. Also, each character behaves differently during battles. Not to mention the story of each, which the game makes a point of telling in detail.

    Atypical even for this series, the story of Final Fantasy VI surprises even if you are used to twists in other media, and the story of this FF will surprise you, unfortunately we can't tell you everything to give spoilers, but just know that the game has a charismatic villain, Kefka, and a heroine who will undergo a major transformation during the game.

    Originally released for Super Nintendo, Final Fantasy VI was the last game in the series for Super Nintendo. Closing its participation in the SNES with a flourish, Final Fantasy VI is a memorable game. On Android and iOS, the game gained new contours, with improved graphics and control support.

    The Android and iOS version is the same as the 2006 remake, released for Game Boy Advance (still had GBA in 2006?). This version includes new events and new powers for some characters.

    Link to Download Final Fantasy VI on Android (paid game – R$ 41,48)

    Link to Download Final Fantasy VI on iOS (Paid Game – $15,99)

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