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    FIFA Mobile vs DLS 2016: see which is the best football game

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    Next comparative, we will analyze several aspects to decide which best football game on Android and iOS. While FIFA Mobile bet on casual gambling, DLS 2016 has modes and elements long forgotten by the EA classic. What's up? Who will win this clash?

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    - Graphics

    The look is always the first item to be repaired in any comparison. Is at soccer games is no different. Year in and year out, and users always stop to see what has changed from one FIFA to another. FIFA Mobile, unfortunately, is a downgrade compared to FIFA 16. The new game has even worse graphics than FIFA 15 in some aspects (stadiums, fans and etc).

    But despite the visual effects and use of more shaders in Dream League Soccer (DLS) 2016, FIFA Mobile has more realistic 3D models that look like real players. The 2016D models of DLS XNUMX are pretty generic (not to mention weird) and many players are virtually identical.

    Dream League Soccer has more elements and visual effects, but the 3D figures are pretty generic.

    However, an evolution in FIFA would be the minimum for the present day. It would be great to see EA fix the FIFA 16 engine bug (problematic in terms of compatibility even with average GPUs). However, the producer decided to bet on wide compatibility, and the result is a game that looks like 2012.

    FIFA Mobile wins in the appearance of the puppets, but loses in the rest (field, stands, crowd, etc). Then, we have a tie here.

    – Gameplay

    The most obvious issue in any game, the gameplay. This is a point, my dears, where FIFA Mobile disappoints enormously. Although it has good controls, the feeling that you are in total command of the team is far away.

    In DLS 2016, the entire behavior of the team and especially the player can be controlled by the user. It is possible to change tactics during the game and make changes to the lineup at any time. FIFA does not have any of these options. It is not even possible to change the camera angle.

    Command real players (and the entire team) in DLS 2016.

    FIFA Mobile lacks in many elements. There is no way to control replays or make more elaborate plays (in DLS it is possible to do specific dribbles). Also there is no way to play multiplayer matches in real time (neither over the internet nor locally), something that is possible in DLS 2016.

    But the thing that most disappoints in FIFA Mobile is the automatic mode. If you don't touch the screen, the game plays by itself and you just interfere whenever you want. It sounds like a “sincere” solution, but it hides a scripted difficulty. Let me explain, when you find a stronger team (either another user in Attack Mode or a team controlled by the game itself), it's very easy to notice that it's not the other team that is better, but your team that "goes bad" .

    For a football game, this is extremely negative, as it demonstrates that the producers want to be in control of the situation at all times, governing the user experience and managing it so that it is always induced to make a purchase.

    In terms of gameplay, DLS 2016 wins by rout, as it has a much more sincere interaction and commands for the user.

    – Licenses

    This is an item that can be described as “black and white”. Remove licenses to use FIFA Mobile club and player names, and what we have is a football minigame, which is cool but below average.

    Spanish players and teams are on FIFA Mobile.

    Undoubtedly, one of the great attractions of FIFA games for Android and iOS are the names and images of the players and football teams. Also, the player dolls look a lot like real athletes. Of course, it's not something you can compare to FIFA 16, but at least it's not as generic and superficial as DLS 2016.

    There is no need to discuss this issue. For those who like to collect real figurines of players and clubs, FIFA Mobile is the title to play. Point for FIFA.

    – Modes

    The football game modes are crucial to keep the user entertained. In this item, FIFA Mobile and DLS 2016 compete side by side. FIFA Mobile brought several auxiliary modes to try to erase the bad reputation of the two previous games (FIFA 15 and FIFA 16), both were released with just one game mode.

    However, DLS 2016 has much more of a (real) football look and feel. The game has multiplayer and local modes (both in real time, not in turns like FIFA).

    DLS 2016: Players can be improved in many ways.

    In addition, the DLS 2016 training modes allow each player to evolve individually, which is crucial for the evolution of the team and the user. your club.

    FIFA Mobile and DLS 2016 have very similar modes (Training, Season, Market and Multiplayer), but overall, DLS 2016 comes out the winner. Multiplayer modes are much more immersive and allow for local fun, something rare in today's mobile games.

    - Conclusion

    FIFA has the graphics and licenses we like, while DLS has the lean gameplay and extras we wanted to see in FIFA Mobile. In appearance FIFA takes the best, but when it comes to gameplay, DLS 2016 gives the EA game a bath. In other words, DLS 2016 is a much more serious football game than the casual/automatic FIFA Mobile. Although EA tries to hide it, it was clear that the producer wanted to make a Football Clash Royale.

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