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    FIFA 17 Mobile is released first for Windows 10 Mobile

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    For this no one expected. While it's softlaunched on Android and iOS, FIFA 17 Mobile was officially released first on Windows 10 Mobile. The soccer game is now available on Microsoft's app store and can be played even on Nokia Lumia series phones with Windows 10. However, to download it, you need to change your device's region to “United States”.

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    Unlike other games in the FIFA series, FIFA 17 Mobile puts the player in charge only during attacks. The game has been completely reworked and has several different modes. There are modes to play alone, to train players and the multiplayer mode, which is the main mode of FIFA 17 Mobile

    In multiplayer mode, the player plays the game in turns. You play your “time” and then the other player plays theirs. Matches can be decided as a best of three.

    FIFA 17 Mobile has a more casual proposal, but still has the classic Ultimate Team mode, where the player opens card packs, and collects the best existing athletes. Another cool feature is that the athletes' performance matches their current situation. That is, if a player is having an excellent week, this will affect their game. But if he has a bad week, you could be harmed.

    FIFA 17 Mobile is a free and very light game. However, many users of Lumia cell phones are having problems running the game. Especially devices with 1GB of RAM.

    Link to download the game from the Microsoft Store

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