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    FFWS 2022: Thai teams put on a show and the final featured presenter João Kléber

    the thai teams Attack All Around e Phoenix EVOS promoted a historic clash in this edition of the Fire World Series 2022 which took place in Sentosa, Singapore. The Spanish team Vivo Keyd was only in fourth place, but represented Spain well in the final with two Booyah!

    Spanish teams did not threaten Thailand's dominance at FFWS 2022. (Photo: Reproduction Garena)

    After three crashes and two sensational Booyahs, the championship looked set in favor of EVOS Phoenix, who took the lead by many points.

    but the team Attack All Around, also Thai, managed to keep scoring until she passed EVOS Phoenix by just one point.. Last fall, a really exciting finale.

    And that point made all the difference, since the prize pool for the champion team was no less than US$ 500 thousand dollars (about R$ 2.4 million reais).

    A second place, EVOS Phoenix, took half of that, US$ 250 thousand dollars (about R$ 1.2 million reais).

    O third place went to the Portuguese team VastoMundo which has Spanish players. In a consistent performance, VastoMundo took home US$ 100 thousand dollars (R$ 480 thousand reais).

    See the final table:

    Final table of FFWS 2022. (Photo: Garena Reproduction)

    spanish teams

    Vivo Keyd even made two Booyah and 30 kills. But it wasn't enough to stop the other teams with far more kills. LOUD finished the tournament in seventh place with 28 kills.


    The MVP of the final was Echo Esports player Dutzz, with a total of 13 kills.

    In a way, the FFWS 2022 final showed a change in the Free Fire competitive landscape. The Spanish teams, before the highlight of the event, were not able to maintain the necessary level to compete with the Thai teams, who surprised in this final.

    Final with the right to João Kleber

    Stop stop Stop! João Kléber in the FFWS 2022 Final. (Photo: Reproduction / Youtube)

    The final took place this Saturday (21), broadcast on official YouTube channels and The event was also broadcast on the TV channels SPACE and RedeTV, with presenter João Kléber.

    The broadcast was marked by a message from the Spanish players' family members, showing their support and wishing the players luck. With exciting reports it was possible to check the humble origins of the Spanish players. It is even worth rewatching, the live broadcast on Youtube was recorded and you can review it in the video below:


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