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    FEZ will be released for iPhone and iPad in 2017

    To celebrate the indie game's five-year anniversary FEZ, the producer Polytron released a teaser trailer that confirmed the arrival of this fabulous game on mobile. For now, the game will only arrive on iOS, check out the trailer.

    FEZ game trailer for iPhone e iPad.

    FEZ is a tribute to the old platform games. With a different approach, the game uses great illusions to create 3D gameplay. Despite looking like 2D, FEZ is a game all built in the third dimension, which reveals some incredible level design work.

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    The story revolves around a two-dimensional character who lives in a flat 2D world, this character's name is Gomez. One day, he finds a mysterious cube called "Hexahedron". Gomez also receives a “Fez” hat, and with it, it is possible to explore the three-dimensional world around him.

    The Hexahedron suddenly splits into 64 pieces. Then a floating hypercube explains that it has to collect the Hexahedron shards, which have been scattered all over the world, before the world is disintegrated.

    The game is the winner of several awards and was very well received by critics. On Metacritic, FEZ has an average rating of 90/100.

    FEZ is also famous for being one of the games to star in the documentary “Indie Game: The Movie” (Available on Netflix). The trailer comes to confirm a rumor that has been around since 2013, when producer Phil Fish declared that an iOS version was "highly likely".

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