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    Fast battery charging has become a bad idea on Android

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    Google has started to dampen the manufacturers' hype about fast charging. After several incidents. Big G, is cutting the cheap of those who advertise that the smartphone charges quickly.

    Regardless of technology. Whether it's Qualcomm's QuickCharge, MediaTek's Pump Express or ASUS BoostMaster. None of them meet Google's standard.

    The problem is that each manufacturer is using a different technology, which requires not only different circuits. such as different voltage values ​​and different software arrangements. Ie, turned into a mess that goes against the philosophy of the system, which is interoperability.

    If before, using a charger from another brand, it was not very dangerous. Now it's a life-or-death move for the device. Fast battery charging can have bad side effects. The least of these is the decrease in battery life. The biggest problem that can happen is a new “Galaxy Bomber Note 7”.

    The latest version of the Android Compatibility Definition Document (CDD) is available and it outlines the requirements manufacturers must follow to keep devices compatible with the Android OS, including some exciting new additions. The last point in the USB peripheral section states the following:

    “As for Type-C Devices, it is STRONGLY NOT RECOMMENDED to use fast-charging methods, such as modifying the Vbus voltage beyond standard levels, or causing interoperability issues with chargers or devices that support normal USB power standards. ”

    It means that Google is now declaring a specific voltage level and delivery method for charging Android devices. If a company decides to go over the newly stated limit in order to speed up their device's loading times, they may want to reconsider doing so. Google can even punish and block a manufacturer from using its system.

    The standards and methods defined by the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF), elucidate the standardization of “all the functional benefits of USB that form the basis for this popular method of interconnection”. This is all just to have better uniformity when it comes to Android devices and their hardware, as well as some security concerns being addressed as well.

    Source: droidgamers

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