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    Farlight 84 starts new beta test via APK (Android)

    headlight 84 is in testing again. Battle Royale this time decided to skip Google Play and came out straight in APK. Version 12.4 of the game features new vehicles, capsules, skins and a redesign of the game's interface.

    The weird part is that the developer is treating it like it's the game's launch, which obviously doesn't seem to be the case. There are even some bizarre things like a tutorial teaching how to transfer the Google Play account to the game. Has the company given up on releasing the game on Google Play?

    Farlight 84 is more of a Battle Royale, but with interesting mechanic ideas. Players can utilize different vehicles and power-ups for their weapons. There's also a Jetpack that can be used for escapes or to rush enemies faster.

    Farlight 12.4 version 84 trailer:

    Update patch translation:

    Hi survivors!
    Farlight 84 is slated for an awesome tweak for version 12.4! Downtime will be approximately [10] hours. We apologize for the inconvenience, but on the bright side, you will be rewarded with x4.000 Gold!
    With this update, all Survivors will have access to an all-new Battle Pass, an all-new vehicle [War Spider], an all-new weapon [Rhino], and other amazing content!
    In other news, after this update, all versions and tests of Farlight 84 will no longer have data wipe! We will enter a new era of official beta testing and unlock all our in-app purchases! To ensure an optimal gaming experience for all our survivors, we will be deleting partial data that would not help you in any way… for more details, check out our announcements below.
    We will delete some account data from a small number of Survivors. Check your email for instructions on how to migrate your account! If you haven't received an email, it means your account data is not affected and you can continue playing normally.

    [WHAT'S NEW]
    ▌ Brand spankin' new interface and visuals
    A major update to our visual system, using a more user-friendly interface

    ▌ Battle Pass and in-app purchases
    ◇ All new Battle Passes:
    1) Battle Passes are now GO: including limited-time Battle Pass exclusive UR ​​skins, SSR weapon skins, and many other crazy perks!
    2) Earn mega rewards by completing weekly missions to level up in the Pass
    3) Unlock the [Superior Battle Pass] to get tons of Diamonds and other rare items!
    ◇ In-App Purchases:
    1) Added the ability to buy [Diamonds] from the Lobby, [Diamonds] can be used to buy rare items in the Store
    2) New First Purchase Reward: Top up any amount for the first time and get some ultra value benefits!

    ▌Veículo Novo
    ◇ New Vehicle:
    Multi-legged Vehicle [War Spider]: A multi-legged vehicle made by the Piecemakers, with a top speed of 86 km/h, this creepy crawler ride can accommodate 2 people, with a shotgun available in the driver's seat.

    ▌New capsules, skins, jetpacks and capsule skins
    ◇ New Capsulators:
    1) [Morning Star]: Aveda, known to the Survivors as the "Morning Star", was once a military officer. When the Zomborg virus broke out, she protected the town's residents and managed to get them to safety.
    2) [Iron Jaw]: A man with a metal jaw… need I say more? Iron Jaw rarely speaks, but when he does, he doesn't mind saying it with his fists. You can bet your latest jetpack that this dog's bite is definitely worse than his bark...
    ◇Several new Capsuler skins:
    1) R quality skin “Iron Jaw” [Arena]
    2) SR “Yong” quality leather [Carbon Fiber]
    3) SR quality skin “Wastelander” (Male) [Combat Vest]
    4) SR quality skin “Wastelander” (Female) [Rose]
    5) SR quality skin “Sunil” [Architect]
    ◇ A variety of new Jetpacks:
    1) R quality package [Jets]
    2) R quality pack [Backpacker]
    3) R quality package [time meter]
    ◇ New Capsule Cover: SR quality [9A Corporation]

    ▌New weapons, skills and skins
    ◇ Various new weapons:
    1) [Rhino]: A weapon with a HUGE AoE that can be obtained from Airdrop
    ◇ A variety of new weapon skins:
    1) R-quality skin “Crazy Mouse” [Graffiti]
    2) R quality skin “UMP99” [Swamp]
    3) R “M4” quality leather [Reservoir]
    4) SR quality skin “MF18” [Pop Art Camo]
    5) Skin with SR quality “AK77” [District 9]
    6) “Invader” skin with SSR quality [Xenophon]

    ◇ Modes
    1) HUNTING
    – Added a new map [Lampton] that temporarily replaces the old map [Sunset City]
    2) Rally in beira-mar
    – Added the new race track [Lampton]
    – The rally rules have been adjusted from the original round-trip race to a one-way race
    – Adjusted the appearance of the warning circle to be more in line with the rally theme

    ◇ Capsules
    1) Adjusted the behavior of Capsulers when leaning against a wall
    2) Sound effects optimized for Capsuler steps
    3) Adjusted Trait Stats for Capsulers [Vera] and [Sunil]
    4) Adjusted visual effects for the exhaust coming out of the Jetpack
    5) Improved Capsulers [Ian] and [Yong] along with some of their Skins
    – R-quality Ian skin [smoky]
    – R-quality Yong skin [Desert]
    6) Optimized the overall climbing feel and added climbing brackets for various structures, walls and window sills

    1) Optimized art and sound performance for vehicles

    1) Improved M4 weapon skill [Deploy Wall]. The summoned wall will now add an energy wall that allies can pass through, above the physical wall. Capsulers can attack enemies from behind the wall.
    2) Adjusted the M4 scope view effect and increased the ADS field of view.
    3) Adjusted first-person shooter animation and improved visual performance

    ◇ Atrium
    1) Optimized language fonts
    2) Adjusted some system languages: Japanese, Korean and Traditional Chinese temporarily closed; maintained English, Hindi, Indonesian, Spanish and Simplified Chinese
    3) Optimized lobby background music

    ◇ System
    1) What will be reset
    – Everyone's player level will be reset to 1
    – All Capsuler XP will be reset to level 1, and traits will also be reset to level 1
    – All XP weapons will be reset to tier 1, and all Mods will come back as originally at tier 1
    – All quest progress will be reset
    2) Reworked the Isle City map
    3) Adjusted terrain parts [Lampton] and added some high terrain views
    4) Made some changes to the currency system
    – You can now buy Diamonds from the Island Shop. All diamond purchases are 20% off for a limited time!
    – Adjusted the price of Shop items, 50% discounts will no longer be offered.
    5) Fixed some known bugs

    Just a small token of our gratitude… 4.000 Gold on us!


    To test the game just download the APK from the link below.



    Developer: LilithGames
    Advertising: No | Online game
    Contains built-in purchases: Yes
    Requires Android 5.0
    Language: Spanish | Size: 840 MB

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