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    Farlight 84 reworks main mode and beta test starts June 15th

    headlight 84 live! The Battle Royale that appeared in January has a new beta test scheduled for June and will bring a new mode called “hunting”. Check the news.

    With very beautiful graphics and fast gameplay, Farlight 84 will be available for testers on June 15 in the following countries: Spain (España), France, Italy, Russia, Australia and Indonesia.

    The game will be released globally only next year, with versions for Android, iOS and PC. Farlight 84 is somewhat reminiscent of Fortnite, but with no buildings and a focus on jetpack usage and “different” vehicles. We tested the game back in January and the shooting is actually pretty cool.

    Hunt mode is the new main mode in Farlight 84, featuring fast-paced, PvP action with up to 48 players. In this mode each team includes a marked target that can be hunted by rival players to score points. Once teams have enough points, they will have the opportunity to evacuate from the map.

    Players can head to the evacuation site as soon as it appears or eliminate everyone else to be the last one standing.

    The game map is small, compared to other Battle Royales, only 1.2KM. So get ready for action, as the shooting will be fast and intense.

    Senior Technical Game Designer at Lilith Games, Jiujan Jeremy Liu commented on the game's launch: “We are excited for players to discover the innovative new HUNTING mode in Farlight 84, which provides an unprecedented experience for fans of the genre. Our game offers an exciting approach to third-person shooters, with intuitive rules and new mechanics that we can't wait for players to discover early next year." “While Lilith Games is known for our impeccable role-playing and strategy games, we have taken our experience learned from these previous releases and assembled a world-class team to create an original, quality, feature-rich shooter.”

    About Farlight 84

    Set in 2084, Farlight 84 takes players into a chaotic, devastated world where they will need to explore vibrant maps; discover a cast of stylish characters full of personality; drive seven unique vehicles across three different classes with deadly offensive capabilities; pick up weapons equipped with incredible abilities, including rifles and sci-fi-inspired weapons; and maneuver across the battlefield with one of eleven jetpacks.

    Vehicles: Farlight 84 features 7 vehicles in 3 classes: ATV/SUV, Walkers and Hover vehicles. Many classic vehicle designs were incorporated into the game – such as heavily armed pony cars and sports cars. There are also floating vehicles that go above water and walkers that can jump around buildings.

    Weapons: There are many different weapon types and abilities to discover in the game. This includes handguns, rifles, and sci-fi-inspired weapons, as well as unique abilities like energy shields and smokescreens. Players can combine different weapons and abilities for maximum effect.

    Jetpacks: The game features 11 jetpacks to choose from, all with different looks and characteristics.

    Characters: Farlight 84 includes stylistic, fully developed, rich personality and playable characters for players to choose from. They also have several skins with different levels of rarity. Some of the characters include Maggie the pizza delivery girl, Vincent the garbage man and Rob the Duckseid.

    Environments: Features impressive landmarks like rocket base, motels, shrine tower, ranch, etc.

    Maps: The HUNT map is a compact 1,2 km map with dense points of interest.

    With information from: Press release.

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    [originally published May 26, 2021]

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