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    Farlight 84: new game seeks to be a competitor for Free Fire

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    Miracle Games, a subsidiary of the Chinese producer Lilith Games, is preparing the launch of its new game: headlight 84. The title seeks to be a  Battle Royale light and wants to compete with Free Fire. You must have played it before, because the previous name of the project was Mission S.

    In Farlight 84, players will face each other on a giant map, complete missions and try to be the last one to survive in the end. The highlight of the game is the use of jetpacks and other power-ups.

    In many ways, Farlight 84 is similar to Omega Legends. They are good games, but they suffer from the evil that is the saturation of games of the same genre on the market. There are already too many Battle Royales!

    However, like Omega Legends, Farlight 84 seeks to fill that space between Free Fire and PUBG mobile. The game is light, which does not require a high-end cell phone.

    Now you understand why before the game was called almost “Mission Ass”.

    At the very least, the game appears to be compatible with a wide range of devices. However, a visual quality like the one seen in the image above, should only be achieved on high-end devices.

    Farlight 84 promises to deliver a mix of fast-paced and tactical gameplay, with an emphasis on quirky modes of transport. Players will be able to enter the heat of battle by being shot in pods and will be able to walk around the scene on foot, with jetpacks or bouncy boards. the cars are pretty weird too, with jets, guns, etc.

    When using these machines, Farlight 84 players will also have to consider the game's unique "power system". This mechanic adds an additional layer of strategy as survivors are forced to prioritize where they expend life energy when using the vast array of vehicles, weapons, and shields.

    Farlight 84 arrives sometime in 2021. The game has opened the official website for you to receive new information.

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