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    Farlight 84 is released on Android. Free Fire competitor with better graphics?

    headlight 84 is a Battle Royale developed by Miracle Games. The game is in early testing on Android, but can be downloaded by anyone interested. The game has very beautiful graphics and translation into Spanish.

    The main differentiator of Farlight in relation to the competitors is the jetpacks. Every character has a jetpack that allows them to jump very high and temporarily dodge enemy attacks. The game has different vehicles as well. Among them, a robot spider that looks like it came out of the Ghost in the Shell anime.

    Farlight 84 bets on quick matches. The game's map is small and the Battle Royale mode has only 40 players in the same match. Farlight tries to hit exactly where Free Fire hit the spot, the duration of the matches.

    The design of this “half Cyberpunk, half Fortnite” adventure is quite interesting. The character model is very well done and the shooting is fun. However, the game has some bugs such as invisible walls and a zone that takes so much damage that it is impossible to return to the game after the area closes. Anyway, as this is an early access, these things can be fixed in the future.

    – Limited compatibility

    The game is still in testing and there is no option to lower the graphics. Because of this, the game will appear to be "unplayable" on more modest devices. We tested the game on a Pocophone F1, an old top of the line, but that runs the game with ease. To be successful, the compatibility factor is essential in this busy world of Battle Royale.


    Developer: Miracle Games
    Advertising: No | Online game
    Contains built-in purchases: Yes
    Requires Android 6.0
    Language: Spanish | Size: 886MB

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